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Welcome to Trojan Games! We sell Advanced Squad Leader and things related to the hobby. We are located in Sweden but sell to the entire planet!

If you have any inquiries you are welcome to contact us!


Välkommen till Trojan Games! Vi säljer Advanced Squad Leader och ASL-relaterade prylar över internet. 

Sidorna är skrivna på engelska eftersom vi har många internationella kunder. Om du har några frågor, tveka inte att kontakta oss!


If you ever considered buying Raaco – Now is the time!

Raaco Summer Sale! Ends 31st of August!

Finally – We have just ordered a new batch of Raaco boxes! Therefore, during the summer all Raaco equipment will have a 10% 15% discount!

The sale will end August 31.

Take a look at the webshop located at


"OMG, this is too good to be true, what's the drawback?"

– None actually. Maybe the shipping cost, it's rather high from Sweden to all other countries. But otherwise, none. Raaco is the best system for gamers around the globe.

"I can't see the discount on my order?"

– This is calculated when you get your order confirmation.

"When do I have to pay?"

– No orders are final until you have payed. We need your payment before we send your order to you. 

"Do you accept credit card?"

– Yes, you have the option to pay with your credit card via Paypal's interface.

Don't hesitate to spread the word! I know that many of you have been waiting for the stock to fill up again.

Cheers and roll low,

Andreas Carlsson

PS. By the way; We are still having the same prices since 2011. ;) DS. – Sweden